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Profile of Josephine Alexandra Fingerstyle - Girl Guitarist is Cool

     She is a female fingerstyle guitarist who is really good at playing her guitar, along with her bio and profile. 

    Profile and Biography of Josephine Alexandra Fingerstyle

    Alexandra, who was born on May 2, 2001, is very proficient in fingerstyle guitar. The cover video for the song 'Alone' by Alan Walker has even been watched more than five million times on his YouTube channel. Other cover videos such as On My Way, Memories, and Bohemian Rhapsody also received many views on the YT Channel. 

    In a video on the YamahaMusikID Youtube Channel Josephine Alexandra told me that she had really liked music since she was 9 years old. "The piano was the first musical instrument he learned, but when he started playing the guitar he could explore more deeply in composing a piece of music, and the guitar is also easy to carry anywhere," said Josephine. 

    Josephine also added "The guitar is also an instrument that many people like, and it is more challenging to play. For people, girls should play instruments that are not stringed, just make me a guitarist, girls are cool", totally agree, which guy is not interested in seeing someone. good girl playing guitar. 

    In fact, Josephine Alexandra became one of the YouTubers who appeared on YouTube FanFest 2018, Saturday (22/09/2018) at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. 

    YouTube FanFest is an event that brings a variety of content from the most popular creators and artists on YouTube from around the world to take action on stage and celebrate our freedom to express, express opinions, be heard, and celebrate togetherness. 

    In the YouTube FanFest event, Josephine Alexandra covered several songs such as the OST for the film 'Dilan' entitled 'Dulu Kita Masih Remaja', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' from Queen to 'Meraih Bintang' from Via Vallen.

    In the Meet & Great session after the performance, Josephine Alexandra shared her experiences as a YouTuber: 

    How old did you start playing guitar? 

    I learned guitar from 11 years old 

    Before learning guitar, what musical instrument? 

    Formerly piano, now learning drums 

    Tell me, why did you choose YouTube as a medium or a place to work? 

    Um, my YouTube Channel has actually been around since I was eight years old. Because papa often recorded me sucks uploaded to YouTube. 

    So, since then I've been into recording videos myself. I also use YouTube as a medium for storing data, my works. So in the future we can still see it again. 

    What do you suggest for YouTubers who are just starting out? 

    In my opinion, being a creator on YouTube is never too late. So, just try anytime. 

    At a very young age, Josephine Alexandra is already known as a musician and Youtuber who often plays fingerstyle guitar technique. Although known for his skill in playing the fingerstyle technique, Josephine admits that he wants to be able to master many other musical instruments such as bass, violin, saxophone and drums. 

    "Actually, the keyboard is not new, because I played music for the first time, yes, the piano. I studied when I was four years old, given piano lessons with my mom," said Josephine Alexandra. 

    As recorded today, March 4, 2020, Josephine already has more than 800 thousand subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he shows his ability to play many instruments performing famous songs.