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Sungha Jung Biodata and Biography of His Life

    Sungha jung Biodata

    Sungha Jung is a guitarist with tremendous talent. He is known as the world's top fingerstyle guitarist. The man, who was born on September 2, 1996, from Cheongju, South Korea, made his name. His name has become known since he began uploading videos of his guitar games via his YouTube social account for the first time in 2007, when he was 11 years old.

    Since then, Sungha Jung began to regularly upload videos of her guitar games by performing various genres of music. A strong determination led him to continue presenting guitar play that were worth watching.

    To date there are hundreds of videos of his guitar playing that have been uploaded on Sungha Jung YouTube Channel. Titanic Theme song and Canon Rock got more than 50M views. And even more astonishingly, the videos he has uploaded get subscribers up to six million. In addition, the videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. Wow!!! It's amazing isn't it?. 

    Now Sungha Jung doesn't just present her fingerstyle games on social media. To date Sungha Jung has had several sponsors who will regularly hold solo concerts around the world. These sponsors include; Lakewood guitar, Alaska Pick, Elixir strings, and more.

    In his own life, Sungha Jung chose the home schooling. This is because of the crowded schedule of activities that he has to live, call it a tour in several countries. Sungha Jung has also appeared in a film called Sicide Forecast, and played a paralyzed person.

    Sungha Jung started playing guitar from the age of 9, after she watched her father play guitar. He began to get to know and adopt the technique of playing guitar by strumming strings directly with fingers, otherwise known as "fingerstyle."

    He has also revealed his secret, that until now he studied guitar for two hours per day. Until now he has mastered various types of music genres such as pop, mellow, rock, blues, and others.

    Sungha Jung is also often found playing alongside other of the world's top fingertyle guitarists. He is best known in Thailand, Germany, Finland and the United States, where he toured with fellow guitarist Bundy.

    Sungha Jung is a certified YouTube star. His guitar playing videos featuring songs from U2, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and The Eagles have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. He also has many albums, including Perfect Blue, Irony, The Duets, Guitar Prodigy, and many more.

    Sungha Jung herself often performs with her signature guitar "Lakewood." This German acoustic guitar producer has been sponsoring it since the beginning of 2009. His Lakewood guitar was heard to have a price of up to a hundred million rupiah. The German guitar producer did not play in producing a leather guitar.

    Like most teenagers, Sungha Jung also enjoys spending her weekends with her family. Sometimes he also plays some small shows. And like any teenager, Sungha Jung can't escape her ipad. He also admired the Big bang G-Dragon.

    Despite all that, Sungha Jung is indeed a very talented guitarist. His ability and passion should set us an example, in order to be as successful as he is. His name is well known all over the world, his abilities are also undoubtedly. Nevertheless he relentlessly practiced, and continued to learn new things.

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