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Who is Marcin Patrzalek? Genius guitarist who surprised the AGT

    Lets Know about Marcin Patrzalek Biography, a genius guitarist who shock the AGT.

    Marcin Paterzalek, after shocking the jury at America's Got Talent season 14 yesterday with the brilliant, amazing, and beautiful guitar show, even Marcin could deliver himself to the AGT semifinals. Now Marcin is widely known by people and his career rises.

    Get to Know Marcin Patrzalek Genius Guitarist

    So, Who is Marcin Patrzalek?

    Marcin was born in Poland on October 6, 2000, very disproportionate between his talent and age. Marcin study at a college in the USA, this is one of the reasons why Marcin followed America's Got Talent there.

    Before joining America's Got Talent, Marcin also won the 2015 musical talent show competition in Poland "Must Be The Music" in 2015. Marcin won first prize with 100,000 Polish złoty prizes.

    His extraordinary skill in playing flamenco acoustic guitar, made him an official supporter of Ibanez acoustic guitar in 2018. It is not wrong that Ibanez used Marcin as a supporter of his product.

    Not only successful and famous on TV shows, Marcin is also famous on the Youtube platform. Through the videos uploaded on his YouTube channel, his name has skyrocketed throughout the world. Not surprisingly, Marcin's videos penetrated 1 million views like a cover song from Still D.R.E, Peganini's Caprice no. 24, Beethoven's 5th symphony, and Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

    Marcin Patrzalek Youtube Channel

    After Marcin finished with America's Got Talent, Marcin made QnA on his YouTube channel, and lots of questions came in his message. Some of them are as follows.

    Who first inspired Marcin to play the guitar ?. 

    Marcin was first introduced by his father's friend to a teacher at music school, and Marcin really found his talent there. Because before Marcin had joined in football, and acrobatics, but Marcin felt incompatible.

    Then, how long does a Marcin Patrzalek make a song arrangement?

    Marcin said, Each song requires a different arrangement time. For example when he arranged the song Mission Impossible he only needed 15 minutes to do it, this is the fastest arrangement. Unlike when Marcin arranged the song Beethoven stiff Symphony, he needed a long time, 2 months, Wow. No wonder Marcin's arrangement was very detailed and perfect.

    Okay, so that's some QnA Marcin on your YouTube channel, you can also watch it right here. Thank you for reading this article.