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Alip Ba Ta Biography and Fun Fact of The Genius Guitarist

    Who is Alif Ba Ta Guitarist?

    Lately, the YouTube homepage often appears the figure of Alip_ba_ta who plays his guitar in a fingerstyle. Because his skill in playing fingerstyle guitar is above average, the Alip_ba_ta YouTube Channel has been flooded with comments and praise reactions by netizens.

    Because I already know the figure of Alip ba ta since he joined a Facebook group, even before he started making a YouTube Channel, so I mostly got the following facts when he told stories on the Facebook group. 


    The following are Alip Ba Ta Biography and fun facts that you may not know about Alip ba ta. 

    1. Alip_ba_ta Profile 

    The man from Ponorogo, Java, Indonesia, his real name is Alif Gustakhiyat. He works at a PT in Pulogadung as a Forklift Operator. Who would have thought that a forklift operator was so good at playing his guitar, right? Hehehe. 

    2. Basic guitar Alip Ba ta used to be a guitarist to accompany Qasidah songs (Islamic religious songs). 

    In the past, someone asked Mr. Alip in a Facebook group about his guitar basics in a comment. He said that in the past he had accompanied the Qasidah music group. It is quite unique indeed, not blues, not rock, not classic, but he is now adept at playing all kinds of genres. Salute bro.


    3. Learn guitar since high school 

    Again, coming from a conversation on the Facebook group, Mr. Alip once wrote in a comment that he had studied since he was in high school. If you count up to his present age (31 years) then he has been learning / playing guitar for about 15 years. So, for my friends who have just studied, maybe 1 month has given up, it hasn't been smooth sailing, maybe Mr. Alif used to be like that, but because he was patient and diligent in studying for 15 years, now it is proven by his skills. 

    4. Suggestions for creating channels from friends

    In the past, after Mr. Alif posted a video of his action playing guitar in a Facebook group, as well as on his Facebook account timeline, many of his friends suggested that Mr. Alif create his own YouTub channel. And sure enough, now the advice from his friends has come true and it's not even 2 years, Alip_ba_ta Channel now (29 October 2019) has reached 990K subscribers. His video content playing guitar is interesting and entertaining, automatically attracting netizens without having to ask him to Like, comment, subscribe in his video. 

    5. Worldwide 

    Yes, the right word for him at this time. Not only domestic artists and musicians who praise Mr. Alip's greatness and simplicity, but also abroad. There are several comments from foreign guitarists about the greatness of Mr. Alif Gustakhiat, such as Alexander Misko, Igor Presnyakov, and A7X guitarist Synyster Gates. And now a lot of foreign youtube channels react to videos from Channel Alip_ba_ta. There is even an overseas channel that makes a song for Mr. Alif (in English), Sorry I forgot the channel name. 

    That was unique fact: Alip Ba Ta, the genius and global guitarist of Fingerstyle. Hopefully this Mr. Alif figure can be our motivation in learning guitar, or his simplicity. Thanks.